Prime Home Business

Our investment company is focused on the EU perspective areas, our current portfolio is mainly in Bavaria in Germany, in Prague and Pilsen in Czech republic, we plan to expand our business to different EU locations, specifically into Germany, Spain, France, Finland and other locations.

We are focusing on both traditional forms of living – we acquire houses (typically four to eight family houses) or apartments in select neighborhoods throughout the our target investment area at attractive valuations; and modern forms of living (e.g. student living, age-appropriate living, short-term rent, micro-apartments)

We acquire well located cash flowing properties that may require minimal capital expenditures or management of other risks (e.g., near term roll-over) to improve the tenant quality and enhance long-term net operating income. 

Acquisition strategy

The niche acquisition strategy of the Prime Home Business is guided by several key investment principles:

  • Acquisitions price that is at or below replacement cost
  • Proactive focus on off-market acquisitions
  • Properties with functional features that provide flexibility for re-leasing and re-sale opportunities
  • Asset with inefficiencies in property ownership, property management and leasing
  • Properties with rental income at or below market rates

What we can offer

We aim to deliver attractive returns to our investors by:

  • Better prices
  • We purchase real estate portfolios at once, so we can get better purchase prices than purchasing one by one.
  • High rental income
  • Maximising rental income by providing tenants with quality property services.
  • Less risk through more diversification
  • Prime Home Business can invest in tens—sometimes hundreds—of individual apartments at once. So if any one apartment does poorly, the others are there to help offset that risk.
  • Professional management
  • You don't have to keep track of every apartment we own. The fund is managed by experts who take care of that for you.